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Implement build task, result and log requests handling
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@@ -17,13 +17,14 @@ include <cstdint>; // uint16_t
\cb{brep-migrate --help}\n
\cb{brep-migrate --version}\n
- \c{\b{brep-migrate} [<options>]}
+ \c{\b{brep-migrate} [<options>] <schema>}
In its default mode \cb{brep-migrate} creates the database schema if it
doesn't already exist. Otherwise, it migrates the existing schema and data
- to the current version, if needed.
+ to the current version, if needed. The valid schema names are \cb{package}
+ and \cb{build}.
If the \cb{--recreate} option is specified, then \cb{brep-migrate} instead
recreates the database schema. That is, it drops all the existing tables
@@ -66,10 +67,11 @@ class options
expected to work."
- std::string --db-name|-n = "brep"
+ std::string --db-name|-n
- "Database name. If not specified, then '\cb{brep}' is used by default."
+ "Database name. If not specified, then it is implicitly derived by
+ prefixing the schema name with \cb{brep_}."
std::string --db-host|-h