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# build-normal-rebuild-timeout 86400
+# Alternative package rebuild timeout to use instead of the normal rebuild
+# timeout (see the build-normal-rebuild-timeout option for details) during
+# the specified time interval. Must be specified in seconds. Default is the
+# time interval length.
+# The alternative rebuild timeout can be used to "pull" the rebuild window to
+# the specified time of day, for example, to optimize load and/or power
+# consumption of the build infrastructure (off-work hours, solar, off-peak
+# electricity tariffs, etc). A shorter than the time interval rebuild timeout
+# can also be used to force continuous rebuilds, for example, to shake out
+# flaky tests. Note also that if the alternative rebuild timeout is greater
+# than the normal rebuild timeout, then this will result in slower rebuilds
+# during the alternative time interval. In this case, if the build
+# infrastructure is monitored for delayed package builds, then the alternative
+# rebuild timeout should only be made slightly greater than the normal timeout
+# (see brep-monitor(1) for details).
+# The time interval boundaries must be specified as times of day (in the local
+# timezone) in the <hours>:<minutes> form. If the stop time is less than the
+# start time then the interval extends through midnight. The start and stop
+# times must both be either specified or absent. If unspecified, then no
+# alternative rebuild timeout will be used.
+# build-alt-rebuild-timeout
+# build-alt-rebuild-start
+# build-alt-rebuild-stop
# The maximum size of the build task request manifest accepted. Note that the
# HTTP POST request body is cached to retry database transactions in the face
# of recoverable failures (deadlock, loss of connection, etc). Default is