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--- a/mod/build-config.hxx
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@@ -18,14 +18,18 @@ namespace brep
// Return true if the specified build configuration is excluded by a package
// based on its underlying build class set, build class expressions, and
// build constraints, potentially extending the underlying set with the
- // special classes. Set the exclusion reason if requested.
+ // special classes. Set the exclusion reason if requested. Optionally use
+ // the `all` class as a default underlying build class set rather than the
+ // `default` class (which is, for example, the case for the external test
+ // packages not to reduce their build configuration set needlessly).
exclude (const small_vector<bpkg::build_class_expr, 1>&,
const vector<bpkg::build_constraint>&,
const bbot::build_config&,
const std::map<string, string>& class_inheritance_map,
- string* reason = nullptr);
+ string* reason = nullptr,
+ bool default_all_ucs = false);
// Convert dash-separated components (target, build configuration name,
// machine name) or a pattern thereof into a path, replacing dashes with