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Document include and source directives
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// @@ installation of dependencies
-@@ include includes once (also source)
+@@ Redo synopsis in directives once enable p-code-box.css.
@@ info (where? in scopes? could show some? separate section?)
@@ other meta-ops: create (anything else?)
@@ -5550,6 +5550,37 @@ info $(file{bar}: x) # S w
info $(file{bar}: y) # s w
+\N{This chapter is a work in progress and is incomplete.}
+include <file>
+include <directory>
+Load the specified file (the first form) or \c{buildfile} in the specified
+directory (the second form). In both cases the file is loaded in the scope
+corresponding to its directory. Subsequent inclusions of the same file are
+automatically ignored. See also \l{#directives-source \c{source}}.
+source <file>
+Load the specified file in the current scope as if its contents were copied
+and pasted in place of the \c{source} directive. Note that subsequent sourcing
+of the same file in the same scope are not automatically ignored. See also
+\l{#directives-include \c{include}}.
\h1#module-test|\c{test} Module|
\N{This chapter is a work in progress and is incomplete.}