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+Currently, to use build2 you will need a C++ compiler with C++14 support.
+This may be relaxed later to only require C++11. For now, gcc 4.9.0 or
+later and clang 3.5.0 or later are known to work.
+build2 is self-hosted, which means that unless you have obtained a pre-
+built binary of build2 from somewhere else, you will need to bootstrap
+it. To accomplish this, use the 'bootstrap' shell script found in the
+root directory of the build2 project. The following is a recommended
+sequence of steps:
+1. Execute 'bootstrap' specifying the C++ compiler to be used if necessary
+ (default is 'g++'). For example:
+ $ ./bootstrap --cxx clang++-3.5
+ Once the script completes successfully, the build2 binary is saved
+ as 'build/b-boot'.
+2. Next, build the build2 binary using the bootstrapped binary from step
+ 1 above, again specifying the C++ compiler if necessary, for example:
+ $ build/b-boot config.cxx=clang++-3.5
+ The result of this command is saved as 'build/b'.
+3. Finally, rebuild the build2 binary using the binary built at step 2
+ above, and verify that they are identical. For example:
+ $ mv build/b build/b-prev
+ $ build/b-prev config.cxx=clang++-3.5 clean
+ $ build/b-prev config.cxx=clang++-3.5 configure update
+ $ diff -b build/b build/b-prev