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Update INSTALL, bootstrap with revised steps
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@@ -8,48 +8,60 @@ it. To accomplish this, use the 'bootstrap' shell script found in the
root directory of the build2 project. The following is a recommended
sequence of steps:
-0. Get libbutl unless one is already present in the build2 directory
- (whether one is bundled depends on how you obtained build2 source
- code). Place it next to build2, so that you have:
+0. Get libbutl and place it next to build2, so that you have:
libbutl/ (or libbutl-x.y.z/)
build2/ (or build2-x.y.z/)
-1. Execute 'bootstrap' specifying the C++ compiler to be used if necessary
- (default is 'g++'). For example:
+1. Change to the build2 directory and execute 'bootstrap' specifying
+ the C++ compiler to be used, if necessary (default is 'g++'; run
+ ./bootstrap --help for other options). For example:
+ $ cd build2
$ ./bootstrap --cxx clang++-3.5
- Once the script completes successfully, the build2 binary is saved
- as 'build/b-boot'.
+ Once the script completes successfully (which may take some time), the
+ build2 binary is saved as 'build/b-boot':
-2. Next, build the build2 binary using the bootstrapped binary from step
- 1 above, again specifying the C++ compiler if necessary, for example:
+ $ build/b-boot --version
- $ build/b-boot config.cxx=clang++-3.5
+2. Next, build libbutl and the build2 binary using the bootstrapped binary
+ from step 1 above:
- If you had to obtain libbutl at step 0, then you will also have to
- specify its location, for example:
+ $ build/b-boot 'configure(../libbutl/)'
+ $ build/b-boot config.import.libbutl=../libbutl configure update
- $ build/b-boot config.import.libbutl=../libbutl ...
+ Again, if necessary, you can also specify the C++ compiler:
- The result of this command is saved as 'build/b'.
+ $ build/b-boot config.cxx=clang++-3.5 ...
-3. Finally, rebuild the build2 binary using the binary built at step 2
- above, and verify that they are identical. For example:
+ The resulting build2 binary is saved as 'build/b':
- $ mv build/b build/b-prev
- $ build/b-prev config.cxx=clang++-3.5 clean
- $ build/b-prev config.cxx=clang++-3.5 configure update
- $ diff -b build/b build/b-prev
+ $ build/b --version
- If you had to obtain libbutl, then this becomes ('...' stands for
- any extra configuration you may have, like the C++ compiler above):
+3. The last step is optional and involves building libbutl and build2 using
+ the binary built on step 2 above and verifying that the two builds are
+ identical.
- $ mv build/b build/b-prev
- $ build/b-prev config.import.libbutl=../libbutl ... clean
- $ cd ../libbutl
- $ ../build2/build/b-prev ... configure
- $ cd ../build2
- $ build/b-prev config.import.libbutl=../libbutl ... configure update
- $ diff build/b build/b-prev
+ @@ This is currently broken since the resulting binary contains fill
+ object file paths. So we would need to build in exactly the same
+ place as the original, but that would make the binary from step 2
+ unusable. It seems the only way to make it work is via staging.
+ To perform this step, first unpack new copies of libbutl and build2 into
+ a different directory, for example, a verify/ sub-directory. Then complete
+ step 2 for these new copies but using build/b binary from step 2 rather
+ than build/b-boot from step 1. Also, use the libbutl from step 2 in the
+ config.import.libbutl value (otherwise rpath differences will result in
+ different build2 binaries). For example:
+ $ cd verify/build2
+ $ ../../build2/build/b '{configure update}(../libbutl/)'
+ $ ../../build2/build/b config.import.libbutl=../../libbutl configure update
+ Once this is done, compare the libbutl libraries and build2 binaries, for
+ example:
+ $ cd ../..
+ $ diff libbutl/butl/libbutl.so verify/libbutl/butl/libbutl.so
+ $ diff build2/build/b verify/build2/build/b