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Add support for configuration exporting and importing
The new config.export variable specifies the alternative file to write the configuration to as part of the configure meta-operation. For example: $ b configure: proj/ config.export=proj-config.build The config.export value "applies" only to the projects on whose root scope it is specified or if it is a global override (the latter is a bit iffy but we allow it, for example, to dump everything to stdout). This means that in order to save a subproject's configuration we will have to use a scope-specific override (since the default will apply to the outermost amalgamation). For example: $ b configure: subproj/ subproj/config.export=.../subproj-config.build This could be somewhat unnatural but then it will be the amalgamation whose configuration we normally want to export. The new config.import variable specifies additional configuration files to be loaded after the project's default config.build, if any. For example: $ b create: cfg/,cc config.import=my-config.build Similar to config.export, the config.import value "applies" only to the project on whose root scope it is specified or if it is a global override. This allows the use of the standard override "positioning" machinery (i.e., where the override applies) to decide where the extra configuration files are loaded. The resulting semantics is quite natural and consistent with command line variable overrides, for example: $ b config.import=.../config.build # outermost amalgamation $ b ./config.import=.../config.build # this project $ b !config.import=.../config.build # every project Both config.export and config.import recognize the special `-` file name as an instruction to write/read to/from stdout/stdin, respectively. For example: $ b configure: src-prj/ config.export=- | b configure: dst-prj/ config.import=-
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@@ -473,7 +473,7 @@ namespace build2
// Enter builtin variables and patterns.
- // All config. variables are by default overridable.
+ // All config.* variables are by default overridable.
vp.insert_pattern ("config.**", nullopt, true, nullopt, true, false);