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@@ -639,6 +639,29 @@ namespace build2
specify multiple pager options."
+ // The following option is "fake" in that it is actually handled by
+ // argv_file_scanner. We have it here for documentation.
+ //
+ string --options-file
+ {
+ "<file>",
+ "Read additional options from <file>. Each option should appear on a
+ separate line optionally followed by space or equal sign (\cb{=}) and
+ an option value. Empty lines and lines starting with \cb{#} are
+ ignored. Option values can be enclosed in double (\cb{\"}) or single
+ (\cb{'}) quotes to preserve leading and trailing whitespaces as well as
+ to specify empty values. If the value itself contains trailing or
+ leading quotes, enclose it with an extra pair of quotes, for example
+ \cb{'\"x\"'}. Non-leading and non-trailing quotes are interpreted as
+ being part of the option value.
+ The semantics of providing options in a file is equivalent to providing
+ the same set of options in the same order on the command line at the
+ point where the \cb{--options-file} option is specified except that
+ the shell escaping and quoting is not required. Repeat this option
+ to specify more than one options file."
+ }
dir_path --default-options