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authorKaren Arutyunov <karen@codesynthesis.com>2019-05-01 22:32:11 +0300
committerKaren Arutyunov <karen@codesynthesis.com>2019-05-15 17:36:01 +0300
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Add support for description-type package manifest value
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diff --git a/brep/handler/submit/submit.bash.in b/brep/handler/submit/submit.bash.in
index cb83384..d1d0634 100644
--- a/brep/handler/submit/submit.bash.in
+++ b/brep/handler/submit/submit.bash.in
@@ -50,6 +50,8 @@ function extract_package_manifest () # <archive> <manifest>
# Pass the --deep option to make sure that the *-file manifest values are
# resolvable, so rep-create will not fail due to this package down the road.
+ # Note that we also make sure that all the manifest values are known (see
+ # bpkg-pkg-verify for details).
if ! run_silent bpkg pkg-verify --deep --manifest "$arc" >"$man"; then