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authorKaren Arutyunov <karen@codesynthesis.com>2019-08-16 12:24:03 +0300
committerKaren Arutyunov <karen@codesynthesis.com>2019-08-16 12:25:35 +0300
commit5a6cad9799be32889c85ebd71c70a03fe4a2a861 (patch)
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Add '--std c++11' CLI option in load, merge, and clean buildfiles
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diff --git a/clean/buildfile b/clean/buildfile
index 8cda205..a183ff5 100644
--- a/clean/buildfile
+++ b/clean/buildfile
@@ -18,9 +18,9 @@ if $cli.configured
cli.cxx{clean-options}: cli{clean}
- cli.options += -I $src_root --include-with-brackets --include-prefix clean \
---guard-prefix CLEAN --generate-specifier --page-usage print_ --ansi-color \
+ cli.options += --std c++11 -I $src_root --include-with-brackets \
+--include-prefix clean --guard-prefix CLEAN --generate-specifier \
+--page-usage print_ --ansi-color --long-usage
# Include the generated cli files into the distribution and don't remove
# them when cleaning in src (so that clean results in a state identical to