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authorKaren Arutyunov <karen@codesynthesis.com>2020-04-10 19:19:01 +0300
committerKaren Arutyunov <karen@codesynthesis.com>2020-04-10 19:19:01 +0300
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Replace build-email manifest value with build-warning-email
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diff --git a/migrate/migrate.cxx b/migrate/migrate.cxx
index e892a39..feac683 100644
--- a/migrate/migrate.cxx
+++ b/migrate/migrate.cxx
@@ -222,6 +222,12 @@ struct package_migration_entry: package_migration_entry_base<v>
// Note that we are unable to restore the exact reason and so always set it
// to 'unbuildable'.
+// Also note that we don't set the buildable flag to false for the separate
+// test packages here. Implementing this properly in the data migration feels
+// hairy (see load/load.cxx for details). Instead we rely on brep-load to
+// handle this on the next tenant reload that can be enforced by using the
+// --force option.
//#if 0
static const package_migration_entry<18>
package_migrate_v18 ([] (database& db)