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Filter packages manifest against CI request manifest in ci-load
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Prepare the test data with the following instructions.
-In an empty directory run:
+Create the git repository:
+$ mkdir hello.git
+$ git -C hello.git/ init --bare
+Create the project:
$ bdep new -t empty -C @cfg hello
-$ BDEP_EMAIL=user@example.org bdep new --package -t lib libhello -d hello
+$ BDEP_AUTHOR_EMAIL=user@example.org bdep new --package -t lib libhello -d hello
$ bdep init -d hello/libhello
Edit hello/libhello/manifest setting version to 0.1.0.
-$ mkdir hello.git
-$ git -C hello.git/ init --bare
$ git -C hello remote add origin "$(pwd)/hello.git"
$ git -C hello add '*'
$ git -C hello commit -m "Create"
$ git -C hello push --set-upstream origin master
-tar cf hello.tar.gz hello.git/
+$ tar cf hello.tar.gz hello.git/
-Move the archive into brep/tests/submit/ directory.
+Move the archive into tests/submit/ directory.
Locally run brep server configured to use submit-dir handler.
@@ -29,6 +31,6 @@ $ bdep publish \
--yes \
-d hello
-Replace the submission data directory in brep/tests/submit/ with the one
-produced with the above command, removing package.manifest and result.manifest
-files it contains.
+Replace the submission data directory in tests/submit/ with the one produced
+with the above command removing package.manifest and result.manifest files it