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@@ -75,10 +75,7 @@ temporary subdirectory next to the archive.|
Move/rename the temporary submission subdirectory to \c{submit-data} as an
atomic operation using the 12-character abbreviated checksum as its new
-name. If such a directory already exist, then this is a duplicate submission.
-Note also that once the directory is successfully moved, it is never removed
-by \c{brep}, even in case of a subsequent error.|
+name. If such a directory already exist, then this is a duplicate submission.|
\li|Invoke the submission handler program.
@@ -90,11 +87,27 @@ The handler program is expected to write the submission result manifest to
\c{stdout} and terminate with the zero exit status. A non-zero exit status is
treated as an internal error. The handler program's \c{stderr} is logged.
+Note that the handler program should report temporary server errors (service
+overload, network connectivity loss, etc.) via the submission result manifest
+status values in the [500-599] range (HTTP server error) rather than via a
+non-zero exit status.
The handler program assumes ownership of the submission directory and can
-move/remove it (for example, in case of an invalid submission). If after the
-handler program terminates the submission directory still exists, the
-submission result manifest is saved as \c{result.manifest} into this
-directory, next to the request manifest and archive.
+move/remove it. If after the handler program terminates the submission
+directory still exists, then it is handled by \c{brep} depending on the
+handler process exit status and the submission result manifest status value.
+If the process has terminated abnormally or with a non-zero exit status or the
+result manifest status is in the [500-599] range (HTTP server error), then the
+directory is saved for troubleshooting by appending a numeric extension to its
+name. Otherwise, if the status is in the [400-499] range (HTTP client error),
+then the directory is removed. If the directory is left in place by the
+handler or is saved for troubleshooting, then the submission result manifest
+is saved as \c{result.manifest} into this directory, next to the request
+manifest and archive.
+If \c{submit-handler-timeout} is configured and the handler program does not
+exit in the alloted time, then it is killed and its termination is treated as
If the handler program is not specified, then the following submission result
manifest is implied (note that it is not saved):