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+sha256sum: 05f690c39da531ea450e8b1f1a2a1314d891c6c5e4e8be5be9c8c2f2ede5e28a
+name: libexp
+version: 1~1.2+1
+summary: The exponent
+license: MIT
+tags: c++, exponent
+description: The exponent math function.
+url: http://www.exp.com
+email: users@exp.com
+build-email: builds@exp.com
+depends: libmisc
+depends: libpq >= 9.0.0
+build-exclude: *; Only supported on Linux.
+build-include: linux*
+location: libexp-1~1.2+1.tar.gz
+sha256sum: 0a7414d06ad26d49dad203deaf3841f3df97f1fe27c5bf190c1c20dfeb7f84e0
+name: libfoo
+version: 1.0
+summary: The Foo Library
+license: MIT
+url: http://www.example.com/foo/
+email: foo-users@example.com
+location: libfoo-1.0.tar.gz
+sha256sum: d8ad319b55fdd19ff24cb0fcf9d61101289569f80b8688884389587cfafa1f1e
+name: libfoo
+version: 1.2.4+1
+priority: high; Critical bug fixes, performance improvement.
+summary: The Foo Math Library
+license: LGPLv2, MIT; If using with GNU TLS.
+license: BSD; If using with OpenSSL.
+tags: c++, foo, math
+description: \
+A modern C++ library with easy to use linear algebra and lot of optimization
+There are over 100 functions in total with an extensive test suite. The API is
+similar to MATLAB.
+Useful for conversion of research code into production environments.
+changes: \
+ * applied patch for critical bug-219
+ * regenerated documentation
+ * test suite extended significantly
+url: http://www.example.com/foo/; Project home page.
+doc-url: http://www.example.org/projects/libfoo/man.xhtml; Documentation page.
+src-url: http://scm.example.com/?p=odb/libodb.git\;a=tree; Source tree url.
+package-url: http://www.example.com/foo/pack; Package details.
+email: foo-users@example.com; Public mailing list. Read FAQ before posting.
+package-email: pack@example.com; Current packager.
+depends: libmisc < 1.1 | libmisc > 2.3.0; Crashes with 1.1.0-2.3.0.
+depends: libexp >= 1.0
+depends: ? libstudxml | libexpat; The newer the better.
+requires: linux | windows | macosx; Symbian support is coming.
+requires: c++11
+requires: ? ; libc++ standard library if using Clang on Mac OS X.
+requires: ? vc++ >= 12.0; Only if using VC++ on Windows.
+location: libfoo-1.2.4+1.tar.gz
+sha256sum: c5e593d8efdc34a258f8c0b8cc352dc7193ea4a1d666bcf8d48708c7dd82d0d6
+name: libpq
+version: 0
+summary: PostgreSQL C API client library
+license: PostgreSQL License; Permissive free software license.
+tags: postgresql, database, client, library, c, api, interface
+description: \
+PostgreSQL is an object-relational SQL database management system with libpq
+being its C client library. Applications can use this library to pass queries
+to the PostgreSQL backend server and to receive the results of those queries
+using the C programming language. For more information see:
+This package currently contains a build2 package manager (bpkg) stub meaning
+that it can only be "built" as already installed in the underlying system (for
+example, using a system package manager).
+Send questions, bug reports, or any other feedback about the library itself to
+the PostgreSQL mailing lists. Send build system and packaging-related feedback
+to the packaging@build2.org mailing list (see https://lists.build2.org for
+posting guidelines, etc).
+The packaging of PostgreSQL for build2 is tracked in a Git repository at:
+url: https://www.postgresql.org/
+package-url: https://git.build2.org/cgit/packaging/postgresql/
+email: pgsql-general@postgresql.org; Mailing list.
+package-email: packaging@build2.org; Mailing list.
+requires: build2 >= 0.4.0
+location: libpq-0.tar.gz
+sha256sum: 75958d000b641c588cdf48e3574584e070104097702dccffdad77947e37f9bd0
+name: libstudxml
+version: 1.0.0+1
+summary: Modern C++ XML API
+license: MIT
+tags: c++, xml, parser, serializer, pull, streaming, modern
+url: http://www.codesynthesis.com/projects/libstudxml/
+email: studxml-users@codesynthesis.com; Public mailing list, posts by\
+ non-members are allowed but moderated.
+package-email: boris@codesynthesis.com; Direct email to the author.
+depends: libexpat >= 2.0.0
+depends: libgenx
+location: libstudxml-1.0.0+1.tar.gz
+sha256sum: cfa4b1f89f8e903d48eff1e1d14628c32aa4d126d09b0b056d2cd80f8dc78580