BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterFail if scope or target qualification in variable expansion is unknownBoris Kolpackov2 days
ciMake changes required for CIKaren Arutyunov10 days
diag-bufferAdd buffering for simple test diagnosticsKaren Arutyunov3 weeks
posthoc-take1Take 1: match/execute as part of target (dead end)Boris Kolpackov7 weeks
adhoc-varsDo not treat primary ad hoc group member as group for variable lookupBoris Kolpackov3 months
dist-remapFix fsdir{} handling corner cases in ad hoc buildscript recipes/rulesBoris Kolpackov3 months
libpkg-configUse LIBPKG_CONFIG_PKG_* flags/errorsKaren Arutyunov5 months
opvarWIPBoris Kolpackov9 months
dyndepWIP: completeBoris Kolpackov12 months
doc-fixesDocumentation fixesFrancois Kritzinger14 months
v0.15.0commit c8b22bd637...Boris Kolpackov4 months
v0.14.0commit fac1f565f1...Boris Kolpackov14 months
v0.13.0commit 452070540e...Boris Kolpackov2 years
v0.12.0commit c69afe2351...Boris Kolpackov3 years
v0.11.0commit ab6a74750d...Boris Kolpackov3 years
v0.10.0commit 92da3a1ac6...Boris Kolpackov4 years
v0.9.0commit e6cb47c5b9...Boris Kolpackov4 years
v0.8.0commit e563ca54ae...Boris Kolpackov4 years
0.7.0commit f6a5b214a5...Boris Kolpackov5 years
0.6.1commit c0ddede2d0...Boris Kolpackov5 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2019-11-19Release version 0.12.0v0.12.0Boris Kolpackov3-6/+6
2019-11-18Add couple of sanity checksBoris Kolpackov4-6/+14
2019-11-18NEWS file proofreading changesBoris Kolpackov1-5/+5
2019-11-18Update submodulesBoris Kolpackov2-0/+0
2019-11-16Revert temporary use of c++17 mode in GCC modules supportBoris Kolpackov1-4/+0
2019-11-16Handle dry-run mode in backlinking implementationBoris Kolpackov2-12/+27
2019-11-16Update NEWS fileBoris Kolpackov1-9/+228
2019-11-15Use path_name_view in location and path_name_value in location_valueKaren Arutyunov11-36/+126
2019-11-15Test and document wildcard character escapingBoris Kolpackov3-16/+52
2019-11-15Generalize attributes to be comma-separated with arbitrary valuesBoris Kolpackov10-79/+127