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Add $process.run() and $process.run_regex() functions
$process.run(<prog>[ <args>...]) Return trimmed stdout. $process.run_regex(<prog>[ <args>...], <pat> [, <fmt>]) Return stdout lines matched and optionally processed with regex. Each line of stdout (including the customary trailing blank) is matched (as a whole) against <pat> and, if successful, returned, optionally processed with <fmt>, as an element of a list.
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@@ -45,10 +45,16 @@ namespace build2
// expected to issue diagnostics and throw failed. Note that the arguments
// are conceptually "moved" and can be reused by the implementation.
+ // @@ Maybe it makes sense to implicitly convert types like string to names
+ // -- providing all the overload combinations really gets tedious.
+ //
// A function can also optionally receive the current scope by having the
// first argument of the const scope* type. It may be NULL is the function
// is called out of any scope (e.g., command line).
+ // Note also that we don't pass the location to the function instead
+ // printing the info message pointing to the call site.
+ //
// Normally functions come in families that share a common qualification
// (e.g., string. or path.). The function_family class is a "registrar"
// that simplifies handling of function families. For example: