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Document use of depdb-env for manually tracking changes to environment
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cxx.poptions += \"-DUSE_FOO=$foo\"
+Additionally, if invoking a program in an ad hoc recipe that either does not
+provide the metadata or does not report the environment as part of it, then we
+additionally should track the changes to the relevant environment variables
+manually using the \c{depdb env} builtin. For example:
+import! foo = foo%exe{foo} # Uses FOO and BAR environment variables.
+config.environment FOO BAR
+file{output}: file{input} $foo
+ diag foo $>
+ depdb env FOO BAR
+ $foo $path($<[0]) >$path($>)
\N|Normally, we would want to report variables that affect the build result
rather than build byproducts (for example, diagnostics). This is, for example,
the reason why locale-related environment variables are not saved by default.