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Implement support for definition target type aliases
For example: define cli=file Currently, the semantics is that of a real alias with only name differences that are used for display. See tests/define/buildfile for more use cases.
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+#define # expected name
+#define foo # expected =
+#define foo= # expected name
+#define foo=bar # unknown target type
+define foo=file
+foo{FOO}: # verify name is foo{FOO} and not file{FOO} with --verbose 6
+#define foo=dir # already define in this scope
+define bar=foo
+bar{FOO}: # verify name is foo{FOO} and not bar{FOO} with --verbose 6
+bar{BAR}: # verify name is bar{BAR}
+define folder=dir
+folder{./}: # verify prints "folder{} is up to date"