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@@ -3465,7 +3465,11 @@ Note that \c{?:} (ternary operator) and \c{!} (logical not) are
right-associative. Unlike C++, all the comparison operators have the same
precedence. A qualified name cannot be combined with any other operator
(including ternary) unless enclosed in parentheses. The \c{eval} option in the
-\c{eval-value} production shall contain a single value only (no commas).|
+\c{eval-value} production shall contain a single value only (no commas).
+Additionally, the \c{`} (backtick) and \c{|} (bitwise or) tokens are reserved
+for future support of arithmetic evaluation contexts and evaluation pipelines,
A function call starts with \c{$} followed by its name and an eval context
listing its arguments. Note that there is no space between the name and