path: root/libbuild2/adhoc-rule-buildscript.cxx
AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
8 daysAllow ad hoc rules not to list targets that are updated during matchBoris Kolpackov1-14/+21
2022-04-19Use target recipe for auxiliary data storage during match-applyBoris Kolpackov1-3/+19
2022-04-19Switch recipe from std::function to butl::move_only_function_exBoris Kolpackov1-30/+4
2022-04-07Rename {match,execute}() to *_sync(), add *_complete()Boris Kolpackov1-4/+2
2022-03-15Don't consider mtime of failed to unmatch prerequisite in ad hoc recipeBoris Kolpackov1-3/+5
2022-03-09Parallel implementation of update_during_match_prerequisites()Boris Kolpackov1-2/+3
2022-03-08Improve performance of update during match for multiple targetsBoris Kolpackov1-9/+5
2022-03-08Add update=execute special value for cases where it's not defaultBoris Kolpackov1-1/+1
2022-03-07Add support for update=unmatch|match to ad hoc recipesBoris Kolpackov1-11/+144
2022-03-02Add update operation-specific variable with unmatch|match additional valuesBoris Kolpackov1-8/+8
2022-02-16Invent quoting modes for to_stream(name)Karen Arutyunov1-1/+1
2022-01-18Add dynamic prerequisites to $< unless --adhoc is specifiedBoris Kolpackov1-0/+2
2022-01-06Add depdb-dyndep --update-{include,exclude} optionsBoris Kolpackov1-135/+155
2021-12-14Clean .t file in ad hoc recipeBoris Kolpackov1-3/+18
2021-12-06Recognize absolute Windows paths in make parserBoris Kolpackov1-2/+1
2021-12-06Redo make_parser interface to return path, handle invalid_path exceptionBoris Kolpackov1-2/+2
2021-12-03Get rid of unused lambda capturesBoris Kolpackov1-1/+1
2021-12-03Add depdb-dyndep --drop-cycles optionBoris Kolpackov1-33/+23
2021-11-30Get rid of unused lambda capturesBoris Kolpackov1-4/+4
2021-11-30Add support for dynamic dependencies as byproduct of script bodyBoris Kolpackov1-64/+509
2021-11-28Avoid unnecessary work in depdb::close() if using static check_mtime()Boris Kolpackov1-1/+1
2021-11-28Generalize depdb::touch functionality to support custom timestampBoris Kolpackov1-1/+1
2021-11-23Add support for dynamic dependencies in ad hoc Buildscript recipesBoris Kolpackov1-215/+528
2021-08-04Take into account file-base'ness in ad hoc buildscript recipesBoris Kolpackov1-2/+25
2021-06-08Redo low verbosity diagnostic deduction to use scope instead of targetBoris Kolpackov1-7/+3
2021-06-08Implement ad hoc regex pattern rule supportBoris Kolpackov1-7/+15
2021-06-08Redo fallback reverse operation machinery in ad hoc recipesBoris Kolpackov1-26/+16
2021-06-08Only pass target to recipe_text() if recipe is not sharedBoris Kolpackov1-3/+7
2021-05-12Keep phase locked while working own queueBoris Kolpackov1-3/+1
2021-04-20Detect environment changes in ad hoc recipesBoris Kolpackov1-13/+25
2020-12-02Add support for buildscript depdb preambleKaren Arutyunov1-65/+60
2020-11-19Remove target files on ad hoc rule update buildscript errorKaren Arutyunov1-1/+18
2020-11-06Add support for test timeoutsKaren Arutyunov1-5/+20
2020-11-02Set executable bit for ad hoc buildscript rule executable target on POSIXKaren Arutyunov1-0/+22
2020-10-20Add operation callback for adhoc rule match and applyBoris Kolpackov1-2/+3
2020-07-12Rename rule-adhoc-* to adhoc-rule-*Boris Kolpackov1-0/+603